Best Shop Vacs 2023 - Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Buying a good quality shop vac will consume less time and energy for cleanups in your household, shop, apartment, or garage. There is a great variety available on the market, which makes choosing the best shop vacs difficult. We narrow down the list and bring you the top 10 shop vacs you can buy today!

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  • Powerful blower port
  • Versatility
  • Attached accessory bag
  • Large motor with 5 horsepower
  • Tank drain for liquid or sticky mess
  • Large handle


  • As per some customer reviews, this shop vac got broken in few months
  • Also, the customer service was poor

This is one of the best shop vacs you can go for. DeWalt 9 gal Pro Poly DXV09P features a large control handle that enables it to move around with ease. Large swivel casters provide movement in all directions. Since it’s workable for both wet and dry cleaning, it features a tank drain to get rid of liquids in quick succession.

A built-in, 20-inch power cord lets you move freely. The on and off switch is completely water-resistant. An accessory bag is there to let you organize all the parts. In addition to this, there is also a dust cartridge filter to hold the dry elements easily.

This shop vac is one of the most sturdy vacuum cleaners with a large capacity. The nine-gallon Poly container is perfect for all sorts of cleaning. As far as the power-motor is concerned, it is well-equipped with a five-peak horsepower motor that is sufficient for heavy-duty cleaning. Moreover, the built-in blower port is powerful enough for debris and sawdust.


  • Accompanied by an attachment holder
  • Multiple tools for better execution
  • Powerful suction
  • Large capacity
  • Casters provide mobility
  • Multi-layered filter system
  • Easy-maneuvering
  • Zero noise pollution
  • Convenient


  • According to some reviews, the extension cord is too short.

Ridgid wet/dry vacuum has been designed to produce a powerful suction sufficient to clean any mess. Due to the large capacity it holds, it is easier to clean without any break or interruption. The compact design makes it convenient to store anywhere without giving a second thought.

In addition to this, the three-layered dust filter will capture dust particles and debris from every nook and corner at a consistent speed. This vacuum cleaner will provide you cleaner surfaces and a tidier workspace with little effort.

You can conveniently use it on both dry and wet surfaces. The performance is constant and is completely incomparable with other vacuums in the field. The casters would provide 360-degree rotation and movement, making it even more feasible to roll around. This vacuum will definitely meet the demands of all sorts of professional cleaning.

The design consists of a top handle, large drain, and a cord wrap that make the execution par excellence. Moreover, the entire cleaning is done with zero noise.

This vacuum cleaner is accompanied by an accessory bag and multiple tool attachments for a better cleaning experience.


  • One of the most compact shop vacs available on the market
  • Price tag
  • It can be converted to a blower
  • Compatible with both wet dry surfaces
  • It can easily fit in small spaces
  • Cartridge filter and sleeve filter systems


  • The storage capacity is only six gallons
  • The power cord is quite short, hence switching outlets may be an issue.

Moving on, Craftsman 12004 is the best option that can easily fit in small spaces for cleaning. Be it home improvement or some other form of cleaning, and everything is catered well with this vacuum cleaner in your hand.

This cleaner has a capacity of six gallons which is quite adequate for smaller settings. The three-horsepower motor produces suction sufficient enough to clean smaller spaces with finesse and proficiency.

This implies that it won’t be able to clean bigger spaces such as a garage or workshop in a single attempt. That said, it is a perfect fit for an apartment and small rooms.

The short power cord is a limitation. Even though a seven-foot hose is combined with this power cord, it might require frequent switching of power outlets.

On the flip side, it can conveniently be used on the lawn or outdoors by simply switching on the blower function. This way, your patio or driveway is left neat and tidy with this vacuum cleaner.

It also incorporates both the cartridge filter and the sleeve filter system for dealing with the wet and dry mess.


  • A cord length of 10 ft
  • Features a blower
  • 2 HP motor providing substantial suction
  • Large reach
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for cars
  • Auto shutoff
  • Best budget shop vac
  • Convenient and easy mobility
  • Reusable cloth filter
  • Reusable foam filter
  • It features a utility nozzle, crevice tool, a car nozzle, nozzle for the blower, and a detailed brush.


  • It may not work for pet litter (according to some reviewers)
  • Not durable

Armor All AA255 is designed for cleaning vehicles. The best part of this vacuum cleaner is that it is easy to handle, thanks to its weight. The built-in air diffuser serves the purpose of noise reduction while cleaning.

The build quality is up to the mark, satisfying your expectations. The capacity is abundant enough to clean any vehicle. The adequate suction power allows the vacuum cleaner to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Once the vacuum cleaner reaches the extreme fill limit, it automatically shuts off, providing a feasible way for safety usage. This particular vacuum cleaner grants a good reach by being the best budget shop vac one could go for.

Moreover, it features a 2.15-gallon Polypropylene tank, a 2 peak HP motor that provides adequate suction. The blower feature and other necessary attachments make it even more useful to own.


  • Incorporates multiple capabilities
  • Great reach
  • Recommended for professional applications
  • Mammoth capacity
  • Works quietly


  • Lacks durability

Looking for a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with a mammoth capacity? Here’s the perfect pick for you! With a ten-gallon capacity, this vacuum cleaner can ideally clean all kinds of industrial and commercial areas. And the same time, it also has recommendations for home use/domestic cleaning.

The flagship model incorporates build and capability to outperform its counterparts. The manufacturers claim that it can be used for challenging tasks. This vacuum cleaner has a 6 5 HP motor, which adds to its capability.

One good thing about this vacuum cleaner is the exceptional reach, thanks to a 20-foot power cord and a hose length of 12-foot. Despite the fact that the vacuum cleaner is gigantic and uses a high-power motor, it is silent enough for a noise-free cleaning.


  • Accessory storage
  • Hose length of seven-foot
  • 20-foot power cable
  • Extra-large liquid drain
  • Quick blower conversion
  • Best suction and airflow
  • Includes crevice tool, extension wands, dust extractors and cartridge filters, sound-eliminator, floor nozzle
  • Instruction manual
  • Five-year warranty


  • It is a bit expensive

Vacmaster is a pro at making a range of wet-dry vacuums with different features and sizes. To prevent clogging, there’s a large drain port to remove wet debris from the canister. In addition, airflow is situated as well to support a detachable blower.

Another epic feature is the long power cord that it has combined with a long hose that can conveniently be wrapped around the machine. This way, you can refrain from using extension cords.

This machine comes with five years of warranty. A user manual will guide and support you if you get stuck with any of the features.

This cleaner incorporates a noise diffuser that ensures a calm and quiet working environment. This model by Vacmaster can easily handle the cleanings of construction sites and huge shops, thanks to the powerful six and a half horsepower motor.

Accessory storage allows you to organize all the attachments, such as an integrated hose and power cord.


  • 2-in-1 Function
  • Versatility
  • One of the best wet and dry shop vacuums
  • Long hose and power cable grants a 19-foot outstretch
  • The capacity of 12 gallons
  • Big drain outlet
  • Sturdy unit


  • It is bulky
  • Expensive

This particular vacuum can easily be converted from a full-blown vacuum machine to a handheld blower. It has a reach of 19-foot in total with a long hose and power cable. Accessory storage will help you organize and keep the equipment well-managed. With an adequate capacity, the drain port is large enough to accommodate a better flow of sticky and liquidy dirt without clogs.

This machine includes parts such as a utility nozzle, concentrator nozzle, noise silencer, foam wet filter, car nozzle, and nozzle crevice tool. This cleaner is sturdy and tough enough to face stubborn mess at work or home.


  • Lightweight
  • Casters will enable it to move in all directions
  • Affordable
  • Features a carry handle
  • Perfect unit to manage hard floors, walls, car interiors, and crevices
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel body
  • 3 peak HP motor
  • Dust-sealed switch
  • Best shop vac with on-board accessory storage
  • Powerful and portable
  • It can be used at the garage or at the office
  • Water-resistant


  • Not suitable heavier clean-ups

This is the professionals’ vac for versatile and portable use. It is perfect for small to medium-sized cleaning jobs without the need to empty the vac. The stainless steel machine body encapsulates quite a powerful motor that provides adequate suction.

Moreover, the size is compact to be easily stored in a smaller space. This vac has a reasonable price without compromising performance. It can be used even in bad weather conditions since the construction and assortment have been done with great finesse, making it water-resistant.

This vac can also be used to clean a garden with a huge pile of dead leaves within minutes. The contoured carry handle is tough enough to be lifted easily. And the roll casters make it convenient to move this vac in all directions.


  • This vac includes gulper nozzle, floor nozzle, cartridge filter, filter bags, foam sleeve, crevice tool, extension wands, 7-foot hose, and many more things.
  • The stainless steel tank and 4.5 HP motor provide full dependency and reliance.
  • Top and side carry handles
  • Latch system
  • Full circumference dolly
  • On and off switch
  • Tool storage provides space for a well-organized setting
  • Easy conversion from vacuum to blower


  • Expensive

This vac features tank clips or a latch system that holds the lid and the tank together in place. The blower port allows for easy conversion of vacuum into a powerful blower. Different accessories and filters make it an even more dependable vac for cleaning needs. An expedient on and off switch also makes the usage easy.

An onboard storage system would let you keep all the tools well-organized and sorted. The top and side handle allow easy carrying of the vac. Shop-Vac 5989300 also features a full circumference dolly that keeps it from tripping.


  • Quick-Lock fastening system
  • Dual-flex locking hose
  • Drum withstands dents
  • Easy conversion from vacuum to blower
  • Larger openings allow fewer clogs
  • Massive tank size and capacity
  • Large base port adds to the versatility
  • Compatible heavy-duty cleaning


  • Does not include dust collection bags
  • Expensive as compared to other versions

Emerson WS1600va is an all-rounder when it comes to cleaning. The largest storage tank has a capacity of 16 gallons, ideal for bigger and professional cleaning jobs.

It comes with a plethora of attachments that make this machine versatile enough to resist heavy cleaning around the workshop or worksite. The accessory set includes utility, car, wet and extension nozzles. It incorporates a quick lock and fastening system that helps switch the filters with ease.

In addition to this, it also incorporates an auto-shutoff float mechanism that keeps it safe from overflowing. This vac has ideal storage that keeps vacuum attachments and pieces of equipment within reach. The sturdy material of the drum keeps it safe from dents. Integrated blower and drainage add to the quality.


For a powerful wet/dry vac, the HP of the motor should be higher for cleansing dirt, dust, and debris. Our top picks include Vacmaster VJH1612PF Beast Series, Shop-Vac 12-Gallon, Ridgid Wet/Dry Vac, and CraftsmenXSP 12-Gallon.